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What is rattan?

Rattan is a type of material used in wicker weaving.

Where does rattan grow?

Rattan is a naturally grown vine native to the tropics of Australia, Asia and Africa.

Why is rattan different?

With over 600 different species, rattan can be distinguished as a strong fibrous plant similar to bamboo. Rattan is used for furniture because it is light, durable, flexible and attractive.

Interesting information

Artificial bones can be made with rattan. Rattan has a physical structure similar to natural human bones.

Why U.S? Wickerist...

In these years, when mass production is in the majority, you can look at the following features for special production.

Expert Hands

We are waiting for you in our store to see the quality of our furniture and accessories produced with hand dexterity.

Service Quality

The quality of our handmade products and our service quality go hand in hand. More and more every day.

For support

Our support continues not only during the sale, but also after the sale. You are buying an experience, not just a product.

Problem Product

After the products are checked, they are given to you. However, if you have a problem, we provide you with product support.


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